Highly Produced Punk Chaos in Alex Romania’s FACE EATERS

FACE EATERS is as aesthetically ambitious and specific as a Broadway show, but with the sensibilities leaning away from the clean and polished and towards 1970s B-Horror movie chaos and viscerality. Between Romania, Smith, and the band of collaborators, the ensemble rocks at least a couple dozen elaborate costumes. Romania’s include a mattress exoskeleton which he both wears and is inside of like a soft, unwieldy turtle shell and a budget Michelin Man look made of foam and duct tape. Smith’s include a head-to-toe rope ensemble which gives her the appearance of a human wet mop and a truly beautiful jacket with dense, colorful yarn draping from the shoulder blades like wings.

DD Dorvillier

Returning to the US after several years, French transplant DD Dorvillier crafts a solo in collaboration with sound artist Sébastien Roux, lighting designer Carina Premer, and dance researcher Mathieu Bouvier, structured by dance scores which emerged from a dream. In this work dance digs as an archeologist, as the dancer’s present is confronted by an immediate sonic past, as she moves towards the future.

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Rice Krispie Treats in a Plastic Tube, and Other Dances

In her funny and fidgety way, the choreographer Michelle Ellsworth presents new works that probe the uses and limits of language and movement.

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