Linda Mary Montano

The Chocolate Factory Theater and ISSUE Project Room are pleased to present legendary performance artist Linda Mary Montano hosting a series of “interactions'' embedded within her new video piece MA AND THE SEVEN CHAKRAS (produced in collaboration with Tobe Carey, with video editing/animations by Jim Barbaro and sound engineering and Brenda Hutchinson).

Everything Avant-Garde Is Old Again

Meanwhile, at the Chocolate Factory, a former machine shop in Long Island City, there’s a show that Witkacy would have loved. “This and That” is chock-full of pure forms being manipulated and juxtaposed. Staged amid a mess of equipment and projectors and lights on stands, it has the feeling of a demonstration hour, a sharing among friends. It is free of psychology and dialogue, at least in the conventional sense, a bare hour of “choreography” made just from light and shadow.

Aaron Landsman

Aaron Landsman’s new performance is staged environmentally throughout The Chocolate Factory Theater’s stark industrial space, juxtaposing spoken text with choreography, live music and projections.