Kristen Kosmas

attend the opening is a new mail art project by Seattle-based writer, performer, and interdisciplinary artist Kristen Kosmas. On the Boards (WA) and The Chocolate Factory Theater (NY) have co-commissioned Kosmas to expand her ongoing mail art project, attend the opening, in which she mails handmade collage works, unprompted, to her extended community. These works form a tactile accumulation of personal connections and a record of the shifting narrative of the global pandemic.

Stephanie Acosta

Originally scheduled to premiere as an ensemble performance at The Chocolate Factory in March 2020, Good Day God Damn returns as a durational installation which considers multi-crisis chaos, the mundane nature of the apocalypse, and the simultaneous impossibility, myth, and violence of the american landscape - transmuting an unseen performance through the emotional landscape of 2020 in order to create a new work infused with the archive of its past experiments.

Apocalypse Talks

Introducing Apocalypse Talks. Join us weekly on Wednesdays at 7pm as we get into the textures, sensations, emotions, landscapes, materials, aromas, by-products, aesthetics, and other messiness of living in a multi-crisis reality. With a range of guests we’ll talk about how we are dealing, and how our practices and processes refract life in the end times.