An Important Announcement From The Chocolate Factory Theater

Friends: The Chocolate Factory Theater is fully committed to the health and safety of its artists, staff, audience and the community at large. To that end, we have made the sad but necessary decision to postpone our upcoming performances by Guadalupe Maravilla (in partnership with Knockdown Center), Stephanie Acosta, Ingri Fiksdal, Antonio Ramos (in partnership with Abrons Arts Center) and Donna Uchizono (in partnership with Baryshnikov Arts Center. Because the economic stability of The Chocolate Factory's artist community is of utmost importance to us, we will honor all financial commitments to lead artists, performers, technical and administrative staff.

jess pretty

“dream[e]scapes is my first look inside building a world that is particularly made for me and bodies that look like mine. it is a practice in duration and reimagining the gaze we place on ourselves and those around us. i come to think of it as a 24/7 event that is always happening in spaces that we claim to reside in....spaces we think we already know. what is it like to step into a pool and realize it is an ocean?”

Support Our Local Businesses!

While The Chocolate Factory Theater remains closed to the public, our primary task is to support the work and livelihoods of our community as this (constantly shifting) reality unfolds. At this very critical juncture, we think it's important to remind ourselves that small local businesses are the life blood of this city.