MBDance / Maria Bauman-Morales

(re)Source is an evening-length live danced and spoken artwork performed inside an audience-co-created installation. Creator Maria Bauman-Morales dances through, with, in, and in spite of the visual, sonic and human landscapes which house (re)Source. The performance-ritual is unique and steeped in immediacy every time Bauman-Morales inhabits it; (re)Source is a scored improvisation wherein Bauman-Morales dances, sings, and speaks through the assets in her family (both the Blackfolks and whites), what it takes to make it in Trump’s U.S., and what her research into maroonage and her own ancestors have to do with all of that. She employs some of her families' histories as a complex microcosm of race relations in the United States, digging in to the process of other-ing, being other-ed, and reclaiming radical connection.

Community Programs

The Chocolate Factory Theater is deeply embedded in the life of its geographic and cultural communities. Led by Manager of Communications & Civic Engagement demetries morrow, The Chocolate Factory organizes numerous programs and events designed to cultivate and celebrate the diverse communities of Western Queens.

Antonio Ramos and the Gang Bangers
El pueblo de los Olvidados (The Village of the Forgotten), Part 2

El pueblo de los Olvidados, Parte II (The Village of the Forgotten, Part II) is a dance-theater performance in the genre of science-fiction, prompted by Ramos’s research about Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria. The narrative concerns the protagonist, Tony Taco?n, returning to his native planet to discover the metamorphosis of the land and its gender, attacked and altered by a different breed. As if under a moribund spell, the entire country appears devastated after years of suffering under the colonization by the alien species, GREENGOO.

Kristen Kosmas + Leon Finley
The People’s Republic of Valerie, Living Room Edition

The People’s Republic of Valerie, Living Room Edition is a collaboration between writer/performer Kristen Kosmas and visual artist Leon Finley. The project began in March of 2018 as a performance duet given for free or by donation in living rooms across the country to raise money for Path With Art in Seattle — or other organizations that provide direct aid to unhoused residents in cities beyond Seattle. The People’s Republic of Valerie, Living Room Edition is an abstract political commentary on the seemingly relentless upsurge in violence to people and the planet in recent years.