jess pretty

In call and response, jess pretty wraps her audience in a conceptual, and literal, embrace. Unfolding as a dance-based, experiential conversation - between pretty and her younger selves, her ancestors, and everybody else in the room - call and response is a kind of casual, yet devotional, soirèe or salon or kickback, with pretty as the host.

DD Dorvillier

Returning to the US after several years, French transplant DD Dorvillier crafts a solo in collaboration with sound artist Sébastien Roux, lighting designer Carina Premer, and dance researcher Mathieu Bouvier, structured by dance scores which emerged from a dream. In this work dance digs as an archeologist, as the dancer’s present is confronted by an immediate sonic past, as she moves towards the future.

Happy Hour, Dinner & A Show

We are partnering with some of our go-to local restaurants for this spring’s Happy Hour, Dinner & A Show. Show your ticket or confirmation email for a daily special at the restaurants below!