Miguel Gutierrez
This Bridge Called My Ass

In This Bridge Called My Ass six Latinx performers - Alvaro Gonzalez, John Gutierrez, Miguel Gutierrez, Xandra Ibarra, Nibia Pastrana Santiago, and Evelyn Sanchez Narvaez - map an elusive choreography of obsessive and perverse action within an unstable terrain of bodies, materials and sound. A formal logic binds the group and propels them to create a constantly transforming world where their togetherness retains autonomy to complicate the idea of identity. Clichéd Latin-American songs and the form of the telenovela are exploited to show how familiar structures contain absurdity that reveal and celebrate difference.

Jen Rosenblit
Im gonna need another one

Im gonna need another one is a solo performance which troubles ideas of home as the place of origin and the authentic self. Using the theatrical gesture of a monologue, Rosenblit stands in as multiple figures: from a Sous Chef, to Chiron: from Greek mythology the almost-human-almost-god known for the wound on his animal leg, a Wheat Farmer, a Soldier, Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, and a Compulsive Re-arranger of Furniture.

A Dreamy, Madcap World of Things and the Ungraspable
Siobhan Burke, New York Times

Visiting the Chocolate Factory Theater, in the Long Island City neighborhood of Queens, feels like witnessing the end of an era these days. Amazon is poised to descend on the area, and the theater itself, a brick-walled room on a quiet block, is preparing to move to a larger location nearby. The change is bittersweet: Buying a home is a big deal for a small New York arts organization, but the idiosyncrasies of the current (rented) building, where artists have had freedom to experiment since 2005, will be hard to part with.