A Note On Ticket Prices

Starting in December 2023, The Chocolate Factory Theater will implement a new tiered ticketing price structure, with the goal of remaining accessible to every person who wishes to attend our events while acknowledging the very real value of the service – namely, artistic and administrative labor – that a ticket purchase represents; and adjusting for the realities of inflation and the ever-increasing cost of…everything.

We now offer a range of ticket prices; and ask that you select the option that best reflects your individual circumstances:

  1. $35 (our new base price – the equivalent of one hour of labor for a lead artist, performer, design collaborator or technician)
  2. $20 (the price we have historically charged, for more than ten years, without an increase)
  3. $10
  4. $50
  5. $100
  6. $275 (the actual, unsubsidized value of a ticket, if box office was our sole source of income)

Our intention here is not to create walled gardens or tiers of access based on monetary status; we’re merely trying to make our practice – of paying artists, technicians and administrative staff a fair wage (more than 80% of our annual budget goes to labor, fyi) – more sustainable (or truthfully, less unsustainable), while remaining (we hope!) accessible and welcoming to all.

As a ticket buyer, you’ll receive the same experience regardless of the price you pay. It’s general admission for everyone. In other words: if you’re used to paying $20, and that feels right to you, nothing will change. If you can pay more, please pay more; if you need to pay less, pay less. We’ll operate on the honor system, no questions asked; and we’ll see how it goes.