“This small but mighty organization presents 10 commissions and six supported creative residencies as it continues with the first phase of its renovations at its new space in Long Island City, Queens. During the 2019-20 season, performances will take place at its original home and at other theaters” – Gia Kourlas, New York Times

Current Season

December 16-21, 2019

Abigail Levine
Redactions, a reading


Redactions is both an expanding collection of text drawings (watercolor and ink on paper) and the performance that results from them. Following a residency period at The Chocolate Factory, Levine will present a choreographed reading of a selection of the Redactions. The performance coincides with the publication of a portfolio of the Redactions, which will be launched with an exhibition at the new Chocolate Factory space in Spring 2020. The Chocolate Factory event will be the first stop in a “performance book tour” through cities in the US, Canada and Mexico.

January 27 – February 16, 2020

Nicola Gunn + Aaron Landsman
Creative Residency


Aaron Landsman and Nicola Gunn are in residency together, working as each other’s outside eyes, on their own separate projects. Nicola is working on a piece called The Interpreters, about language and the act of interpretation, and about the the gap that develops in the process of translation. Aaron is working on two companion performances called Night Keeper and Silent Treatment, one staged in near-darkness and the other in near-silence. Night Keeper is about a person looking out a window onto the sleeping city, tasked with shepherding the night to the next day. Silent Treatment is about how we learn what is expected of us through silent communication, expectation and gesture.
“A young black girl in the hood, survived off of Elton John and the Bible. This work explores my autobiography through the deconstruction and abstraction of childhood memories. As a burgeoning comedian and social media non-influencer #ImFxckingFunny, I explore the use of humor in the wake of adversity.”