Alex Romania
Face Eaters

May 2024

photo by Elyse Mertz

Performances will take place at The Chocolate Factory Theater, 38-33 24th Street, Long Island City.

The final work in Whoops! – the trilogy of live interdisciplinary works following KLUTZ (2018, Abrons Arts Center), and junkhead (2019, Brooklyn Studios for Dance) – Face Eaters is part experimental documentary, part video poem, part Total Theater Mess, part danceography, and part operatic funeral film set; dwelling in the zeitgeist of never as an ineffable absurdity of “autobiography”. A catalogue of videos inspired by home movies shot on plastic action cameras (with Alex’s late brother Zachary Romania), filtered through video techniques brought to fruition through collaborations with the late Taylor Sakarett, Face Eaters brings us into contact with a family in mourning. A collection of video monologues (featuring Alex Romania’s father, Arthur Romania) posits the impossible cataloguing of the guidance of a beloved parent, and the desire to unfix from time. In impossible loss, the psychedelia of the everyday drift through an erratic love poem, a sheet in love with a mattress, and a chaos meditation. Welcome to your vacation, apocalypse(nostalgia), come get some. I give up.

Created and performed by Alex Romania in collaboration with Stacy Lynn Smith, Shane Jones, and Arthur Romania; with contributions and influence by the late Zachary Romania and Taylor Sakarett.