“‘When they say, Come here and play and experiment and move the furniture around and don’t worry about making a mess, it really creates an atmosphere that is conducive to discovery and surprise’. As the theater settles into its new home — two adjacent warehouses that were once a tool and die factory — that ethos will likely endure, along with the founders’ cultivation of local relationships.” – Siobhan Burke, New York Times

Current Season

April 7, 2024

Donna Uchizono

Participant ticket: $10-$275
Witness ticket: $10-$275

Donna Uchizono, alongside artists Joanna Kotze, Antonio Ramos, and Jordan Lloyd, will offer a series of dance dedications exploring the body’s expansive capacity to listen. Grounded in the question—"if you were to dedicate a dance to a person, who would that be?"—the dancers invite the audience to talk about someone they would like to dedicate a dance to in a mutually vulnerable exchange, anchored by the weight of trust and intimacy.
For All Your Life is a performance event, film, and social experiment that investigates the value of Black life and Black death; scrutinizing the mechanism of life insurance through the prism of the underwriting process.
Pouffy piles, wobbly stacks, loops, lists, gerunds, slaps, slips, crashes, splits, sobs, bad mother fuckers and shitty mommies.* Take that, and that, and that, and that, and that. “There is no such thing as repetition,” Gertrude Stein says. overly merry is a dance about itself and all the things leading up to it. It is about no + yes. It is about 143 minutes long. It is about sitting in a room and eating cookies. It is about patterns, surprises and accidents. And figuring it out later.
The third evening length piece in the ‘Whoops!’ saga following KLUTZ (2018, Abrons Arts Center) and junkhead (2019, Brooklyn Studios for Dance) – Face Eaters is a haunted house of never-ending endings, part operatic home movie nightmare and part decrypted love poem to the dead. Face Eaters features footage from creator Alex Romania’s brother, Zachary Romania (1988 - 2022), remixed video inspired by collaborations with Taylor Sakarett (1990 - 2020) and monologues by the non-performance legend, Arthur Romania.
call and response is personal and archival; calling on me to turn towards my own story, lineage and memory as the site of choreographic creation. in looking to/for myself, i gather an archive to provide proof of life for future generations instead of the constant images of black death we have experienced time and times again.