Review: Lucid Dreaming, Person to Person

In Ursula Eagly’s “Dream Body Body Building” at the Chocolate Factory, the dancers seem to be transmitting a dream state to the audience.

Rice Krispie Treats in a Plastic Tube, and Other Dances

In her funny and fidgety way, the choreographer Michelle Ellsworth presents new works that probe the uses and limits of language and movement.

Review: These Art-Historical Nudes Become Bodies in Time

Spare and simple, “Aging Prelude” at the Chocolate Factory is a new beginning for the choreographic duo Chameckilerner.

‘A disguised welcome …’ Review: Finding Home

Wanjiru Kamuyu’s solo performance at the Chocolate Factory Theater in Queens isn’t a straightforward immigration story.

I was sitting in my seat when I saw a sensation

In Family Happiness, Juliana F. May combines formal perversity and Odyssean melodies.

Review: Dispassionate Traumas and Choral Dream Songs

Juliana May’s “Family Happiness” at Abrons Arts Center at times feels like a punishing exercise.

Review: A Choreographer Who Excavates Misalignment

Kathy Westwater’s dances at the Chocolate Factory, “Revolver” and “Choreomaniacs,” build on her focused movement investigations of the last 20 years.

Review: In ‘Folds,’ Caught Between Laughter and Grief

Ivy Baldwin’s defiant and poignant work for four dancers at the Chocolate Factory Theater is the outcome of deeply considered collaboration.

VESSEL: Seeing Double

Two writers wade into the hazy environment of David Thomson’s new work to grapple with opacity and transparency, the magical and mundane. Where one sees an M, the other sees a W, yet both come away with a sense of intimacy in the unknown.

A Welcome Gust of Weird, and Adventures in Shadow Puppetry

At the Chocolate Factory Theater in Long Island City, Queens, the Institute of Useless Activity’s “This and That” is also experimental, but it occupies the other end of the overload spectrum. Its medium is light and shadow.