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Happy Hour, Dinner & A Show

We are partnering with some of our go-to local restaurants for this spring’s Happy Hour, Dinner & A Show. Show your ticket or confirmation email for a daily special at the restaurants below!

An Intimate Reception, February 28 2024

Please join Vallejo Gantner, Diana Manalang, and the Board of The Chocolate Factory Theater for an intimate reception to celebrate the 2023/2024 Season and toast the future!

A Note On Ticket Prices

Please Support The Chocolate Factory Theater Before June 30

We’re in the home stretch of our second full season of programming at our new permanent home (don’t miss Mallory Catlett’s DECODER: Nova Express, if you can help it!); and if I’m left with more questions than answers - which I am - it’s an exciting (though murky) pool to be wading in.

Celebrate the Life of Mikéah Ernest Jennings

Join us to the celebrate the life of our friend, colleague, and family member Mikéah Ernest Jennings.

Leslie Cuyjet

“I know this story. It’s a story I’ve loved again and again. All I know is my body moving through time. Reminding myself that I have blood pumping through me, and that has to be enough. I walk and walk to keep from standing still. I think of my pelvis sloshing around in a tangle of muscle and tendon. So tight and bound, perhaps a sprinkle of arthritis. But if I keep walking I feel that I can. And if I can, then at least I will keep moving.”

Help Us Finish Out The (Fiscal) Year

Well, we did it. We managed to get through a full season of thoughtful, rigorous, multifarious, multi-everything premiere performances at our new permanent forever home (and a few other places), for audiences comprised of living, breathing human beings in real time and space. Wow.

First Annual Gala!

The Chocolate Factory's First Annual Gala! Featuring the Artist In Industry Award, Honoring: Lucy Sexton (Executive Director, New Yorkers For Culture & Arts), Yoko Shioya (Artistic Director, Japan Society) and Donovan Richards, Jr. (Queens Borough President).

Support The Chocolate Factory Theater

If the last twelve months have taught me anything, it’s this: nothing stays the same, ever. I suspect you can relate to this, because you knew it already. Change is constant, like the weather; it just keeps coming. It’s also scary as hell, which is its own kind of constant, because change is inseparable from risk.
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