Wanjiru Kamuyu

A solo exploration of the experience of displacement, A disguised welcome… draws inspiration from Kenyan-born, France-based choreographer Wanjiru Kamuyu‘s experiences in Africa, North America, and Europe, offering a bitingly satirical look at the notions of center and periphery.

Second Annual Gala!

The Chocolate Factory's Second Annual Gala! Featuring the Artist In Industry Award, Honoring: Amy Cassello (Interim Artistic Director, BAM), Alton S. Murray (Deputy Commissioner, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs), and Mary V. Torres (Realtor, Modern Spaces).

Takahiro Yamamoto

In NOTHINGBEING, Portland, Oregon-based choreographer Takahiro Yamamoto uses highly physical movement, communal meditation, and the internal activation of sensory memories to construct a sustained and complex meditation on subjectivity and erasure within and between states of “nothingness” and "being".

Antonio Ramos and the Gangbangers

The Gangbangers blossom and wilt in a dance-theater performance conceived by choreographer Antonio Ramos. In a mixtape extravaganza of cultural misappropriation and reappropriation, Ramos calls on his ancestors and carries the audience on a journey to the bottom of the ocean and back again. This piece is a ceremony.


Aging Prelude - chameckilerner’s first live performance since 2007 - explores co-creators Rosane Chamecki and Andrea Lerner’s shared experiences with their aging bodies, and their shifting relationship to a visual landscape that idealizes the “perpetuation of youthfulness,” where bodies are eternally young and beautiful, where any sign of the passage of time is not an option, and where the aging process erases any signs of histories and futures.

Michelle Ellsworth

Michelle Ellsworth returns to The Chocolate Factory with two distinct but related and intermingled premieres: Evidence of Labor and Post-Verbal Social Network.

Jen Rosenblit + Phil Hayes

Emerging through mannerisms and characteristics of “characters“, Zurich-based actor/creator Phil Hayes and choreographer/performer Jen Rosenblit (who last appeared at The Chocolate Factory in 2019) play Grifters, Hustlers and Tricksters in search of the promised land...

Brian Rogers

In his first major project since Screamers, an experimental feature film (which premiered at Abrons Arts Center in 2018, and was screened nationally throughout 2019), Brian Rogers continues his habit of interdisciplinary makeovers with Small Songs, a long form recording of textural synthesizer music.

animals & giraffes

Musician/composer Phillip Greenlief and writer Claudia La Rocco created animals & giraffes after meeting at Headlands Center for the Arts during their 2013 residencies. For this one-night performance, a&g’s East Coast debut, Greenlief and La Rocco are joined by dance artists Rashaun Mitchell and Silas Riener, and video & sound artist Brian Rogers — the first time these longtime collaborators have all performed together.

Juliana F. May

Co-presented as part of New York Live Arts | Live Artery. Family Happiness continues Juliana May's decade-long investigation into body control and the complicated system of victimhood and perpetration. Pitting Post-Modern and Modernist choreographic strategies such as task and symbolism against pop cultural references of the 80s and 90s, this dance- text-song triptych delivers a space for culpability and catharsis.