Chris Schlichting

In Period, Chris Schlichting’s prolific, obsessive movement generation dispenses with preciousness and patterns to hammer out a Rosetta Stone to leave behind for the next, better world. Small tectonic collisions create a dense choreographic landscape in the spareness of the Chocolate Factory, and the dancers fasten themselves to intricate, churning movement in their slide toward extinction. Period is about letting go but not before exhausting every ounce of love one has left for dance.

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a code of clouds
Cori Olinghouse

A dark cloud, walks into a room. This is Melinda Ring’s working title from an earlier iteration of c lo    u       d. At a studio visit on July 30, 2016, she is wearing a white T-shirt from the Bureau for the Future of Choreography, with black lettering inside a Venn diagram: “life,” “death,” and “dance.” The T-shirt shares an odd resemblance to the work I’m about to see. Piles of paper blankets are nestled in the corner. View the PDF here.

All Together Now
Siobhan Burke, Artforum

Milka Djordjevich'S ANTHEM sneaks up, quite literally, on its audience. At the Chocolate Factory Theater, we the audience had taken our seats around a parquet dance floor when from a back hallway, four women appeared, step-touching toward us in conga-line formation. Their clothes seemed plucked from a 1970s closet: a gold velour jumpsuit for one dancer; suspendered pants for another; and for everyone, black jazz shoes. They took their time, as unrushed as the iridescent soundscape anointing their entrance.