Anna Sperber
Wealth From The Salt Seas

Wealth from the Salt Seas explores the embodiment of assertion and agency through visceral somatic experience. Vocalist and composer Gelsey Bell joins Anna Sperber in performance to collaboratively mine the physical space of the theater for its poetic and emotional vibrations. The female body emerges as a resonant, echoing force within a visual landscape conceived in collaboration with scenographer Sara C. Walsh and lighting designer Elliott Cennetoglu.

Melinda Ring / Special Projects
c lo    u       d

Meant for an intimate audience, this evening-length dance takes place in an imagined room — which is continually expanding, contracting, shifting directions, refracted within the actual room. Morphing like clouds, performers and space share a swirling energy. Sometimes the dancers mirror each other; sometimes they are “ordinary people” (under a dark cloud) whose frustration, anger, and sadness propel them toward destructive behavior. Delicate structures often slip out of sync into unruliness, reconfigured through the nudge of a current. These unseen forces extend to the viewers, guiding their physical proximity in relationship to this de-centered work as it progresses…with a heightened sense of sharing the experience.

Melinda Ring / Special Projects and Renée Archibald
Shiny Angles in Angular Time

Choreographers Archibald and Ring reoriented themselves in order to re-examine the black box theater as a site, as a volume with properties real and imagined. In this collaborative work, performed by Archibald, the figure/the performer points to the space highlighting its presence rather than the other way around. This work in four parts (durational action, videotaped actions, laboratory, and dance) subverts the normal use of theatrical space to frame action and drama, “negative space” is instead made visible — as are molecules, gases and air.

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