Walter Dundervill
Dear Emissary,…


March 10-13, 2010


In 2010, a group of dancers and actors attempt to recreate a forgotten film from 1929 as envisioned through the collective imagination of a troupe of fictional performers from the 1970’s. The narrative they weave takes them through a world of artifice haunted by the formalist metaphysical obsessions of the early moderns, while tracing an arc of origin back to the infancy of Romanticism. Dear Emissary,… compresses the period piece into a warped construction of densely layered time. Dance, fractured melodrama, and cardboard converge.

Choreography, costumes and scenic design by Walter Dundervill. Performances by Benjamin Asriel, Patricia Beaman, Biba Bell, Ben Boatright, Megan Byrne, Janet Dunson, Jennifer Kjos, Kevin Lovelady, and Penelope Margolis. Music and sound by Justin Luchter. Lighting design by Carrie Wood.

“A Trip Through Time and Fashion” – Claudia La Rocco, New York Times