Target Margin Theater
Residency Exchange


January 6-26, 2020


The Chocolate Factory and Target Margin Theater launch a bi-borough residency exchange partnership!

In January 2020, Target Margin Theater Artistic Director David Herskovits will occupy The Chocolate Factory Theater’s spaces to develop You Are Not Broken. With Target Margin’s evolving work on tales from the tradition of the 1001 Nights, David Herskovits continues to re-invent the act of storytelling itself. Can we deliver the story without telling it; can we find new ways to access these stories and new reasons to reinvent them for today?

“The Chocolate Factory has become my home away from home, the other space that will go as far as our adventure leads—and then beyond.”

Target Margin Theater's Uriel Acosta (2014)

Meanwhile, at Target Margin’s The Doxsee space in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, Larissa Velez-Jackson will develop T(Heal)ter (working title). Using the Star Crap Method, Larissa Velez-Jackson‘s dance-improvisation/live composition practice that embraces technical brilliance and failure in equal measure, the cast reflexively narrates their experiences and processes throughout the dance. They seek new ways to complexly weave dance, humor, vulnerability, and absurdity with the audience and each other while emphasizing the “nowness” of performance. In this work, Star Crap Method newly involves the foundational elements of somatic and ritual forms of healing, used to address injury, illness, trauma, and transformation.