Melanie Maar
Spaces and Bones


December 1-4, 2010


In Spaces and Bones wilderness dwells within the simple space and lights. It’s a piece about the mystical and the common, and the metaphysical male and female symbiosis. The choreography and sound create a site where the moving human emotional body is framed and observed. The event is a live excavation of these two performers’ practice and training in dance and music.

Maar explores the creative possibilities between dance and live music through choreography and the kinetic connections between the performers. In this ongoing collaboration, audio visual artist Kenta Nagai plays the shamisen, a traditional Japanese instrument. Nagai and Maar use their instruments to overcome resistance and meet in the realm of the vibrational and the absurd.

Created and performed by Melanie Maar in collaboration with Kenta Nagai. Lighting design by Carrie Wood.

“Creating Primal Wilderness With Lunges and Antlers” – Claudia La Rocco, New York Times