Portraiture & The Community

A collaboration between The Chocolate Factory Theater and Bard High School Early College Queens


Monday June 3, 2019

In partnership with Bard High School Early College Queens, The Chocolate Factory hosts an exhibition of new work by student artists commissioned to create portraits of local community members.

Gallery hours: June 3-7th (by appointment); June 8th, 12pm-4pm.

Artists: Andrea Pinzon, Anna Madelon Garrison-Bedell, Aryeh Blumenfeld, Awildo Gutierrez, Ella Noor Celebi, Fiona Fruman, Jazmine Smith, Jolina Villanueva, Kayla Kulik, Maddy Rosen, Mateo Avalos, Matthew Sgambati, Miriam Entin-Bell, Paula Jankowski, Ruby Gonzales, Shrouk Hanon, William Sistrom.

Community Portraiture Subjects: Moitri Savard, Cathy Nolan, Rocco Vertuccio, Amaurys Valdez, Laura Anne Walker, Kafia Saxe, Bishop Mitchell Taylor, Jon McMillan, Cosme Aguilar, Mercedes Mendoza, Jimmy Van Bramer, Luis Diaz, Mackenzi Farquer, Laura Almeida, Alberto Denis, Jeremy Schiffer, Amanda Monaco.

The Chocolate Factory Theater is proud to partner with the Portraiture & The Community class at Bard High School Early College Queens engaging young artists with the local community.

“What makes a community whole? Whose lack of presence in your local routine would you miss if they were no longer there?”

Using these questions, we worked with the class to develop subjects for portraits of people in the roles they defined. This list included a nanny, mail carrier, an elected official, educator, faith leader, small business owner, developer, artist and others. Students were paired with subjects based on their life experiences and interests. They interviewed their respective subjects, took their photo and then got to work.

We are excited to host a public gallery opening on Monday, June 3rd from 5-7pm at The Chocolate Factory Theater at which we will present each student artist with a small commission supported by M&T Charitable Foundation and unveil the portraits.

“I thought the project was really cool especially because I don’t interact with the Long Island City community as much. I live in College Point so I live pretty far. Since I only go to school here, it was nice to be apart of something bigger than just the school.” – Jolina Villanueva

Catering generously provided by Bartleby & Sage.