Pele Bauch
H To Oh


November 3-6, 2010


Part surreal, psychological landscape and part pure movement, H to Oh is a piece with no beginning and no end. It explores the quandaries, emotions, and sensations infused in private moments of ordinary routines. It looks at both the simple beauty and emotional complications inherent in life, even in mundane tasks. H to Oh seeks to amplify these moments, to make them resonate palpably for us all.

Concept, direction and choreography by Pele Bauch. Created and performed by Pele Bauch, Bryon Carr and Jessica Winograd. Music by Mike Rugnetta. Lighting by Vincent Vigilante. Scenery and costumes by Sara C. Walsh. Directorial consultant: Eva Burgess.

H to Oh was created in a residency provided by The Joyce Theater Foundation, New York City, with major support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.