Object Collection
The Geometry


March 25 – April 3, 2010


An experimental opera evoking the technological sublime through video gaming rituals, soap opera death spectacles, and a hyperactivity of sensorial information. Performed within a compartmentalized structure of interlocking and hidden stages, the audience’s perception shifts and reconfigures along with the space. A first time collaboration between Object Collection co-founders Kara Feely and Travis Just and radical Irish composer Jennifer Walshe, the operatic score intertwines live electronics and field recordings with extended singing techniques.

Composed by Jennifer Walshe. Directed by Kara Feely. Music direction by Travis Just. Written by Kara Feely and Jennifer Walshe. Set design by Peter Ksander. Performed by Francesco Gagliardi, Avi Glickstein, Eric Magnus, Fulya Peker, Travis Just, James Moore and Jennifer Walshe.

Supported in part by Culture Ireland and the Arts Council of Ireland.

“Review: Object Collection’s The Geometry” – Helen Shaw, Time Out New York