Niall Jones
Untitled Fantasies in Low Fade (Working Title)


May 27 – June 1, 2019

Niall Jones’ work tends to the blurred (minor) field of material and hallucinatory presences, moving toward indeterminacy, excess and dissonance produced and destroyed in temporal situations and poetic structures. Niall Jones continually works toward the minor as a study in the unsteady and persistent arrangements of self and not-self, in-betweenness, affective proximities, intangible entanglements and practices that construct an elsewhere.

This project, Untitled Fantasies in Low Fade, situated in the swaying impermanence of site and the Chocolate Factory’s imminent relocation, looks for and inhabits the sublime as an ongoing concern for (dark) matter in transition and fragile assemblages for emergence and disappearance.

Photo © Paula Court

Created by Niall Jones.