Melanie Maar
Spaces and Tones
Second Residency Phase of Line Death Dance


October 4-6, 2018 at 8pm

Line Death Dance is an ongoing performance residency project self-reminding, celebrating and sharing the nonlinearity and ambiguity of being in the creative process.

During 4 two week performance residency phases throughout 2018/2019, Line Death Dance serves as a transition project enveloping The Chocolate Factory Theater’s current space into their new space, coalescing the past and the future into the present process.

Instead of an accumulative process towards a final ‘show’, all four phases generate complete cycles and performance events that are effecting each other as part of a relational web. Line Death Dance proposes a non-hierarchical production structure to investigate its performance making and sharing. The project follows a desire to involve a diversity of mutual voices into a material and immaterial dialogue about performance culture, production, meaning and pro-cess throughout.

In this second phase of the Line Death Dance project, I am collaborating with audio-visual artist Kenta Nagai. As a duo we are returning to The Chocolate Factory Theater after 8 years. Artist Madeline Best is taking part by lending her eye to the light.

Ours is a return, as well as a continuum, an homage, a transition, a sort of a collapse of time to rebuild a performative realm of relatedness between senses, spirits and artistic approaches. It’s a process of engaging with content and production structure equally so it both can feed the the animals of our creative desire and unfinished business. We invite your presence to change the tone.

Being In Concrete Light – the first residency phase of Line Death Dance – took place at The Chocolate Factory’s soon-to-be-renovated permanent facility in May 2018.

Line Death Dance is supported by a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant.

“Dance Cycles” – Sophie McKinnon, ArtZone