An Evening With Marya Wethers & Daria Fain and Samita Sinha


November 2-5, 2011


TARGET::furnace is an hypnotic and symphonic jewel. Within a highly defined musical and visual environment, a powerful performer unfolds a mesmerizing topology where ferocious impact and charm work hand in hand to reveal the hidden geometry of a warrior heart. A collaboration between performer Marya Wethers and choreographer Daria Fain, the work is informed by Daria’s background in martial arts and Eastern energetic practices. This reprised and expanded version will be the official premiere of the fully realized production, including a live original score for bassoon, violin, and percussion.

Performed with Cipher, a solo work that blends tradition and experiment to explore the ways inheritance, identity, and infinity meet and come apart through the vehicle of voice. Samita Sinha spins stories using the sounds of tarana – a type of song in Indian classical music invented in the 13th century that uses a mix of Persian, Arabic, and Sanskrit sounds. In Cipher Sinha expands the range of vocal possibilities and expression through deep embodiment of the voice and merging voice with machines, including electronic tabla (rhythm box) and electronic tanpura (drone box).

Commissioned and Performed by Marya Wethers. Choreography and Production Design by Daria Fain. Composed by Katherine Young. Performed With Musicians Christine Bard and Erin Benim. Costume Styling by Lydia Rodrigues. Target Objects by Robert Kocik. Lighting by Carrie Wood. Performed with Cipher by Samita Sinha.

“Soft Music and Martial Lunges” – Claudia La Rocco, New York Times