Martita Abril
Huevos a la Mexcla (creative residency)

November 19, 2022

photo by Kathryn Butler

Performance will take place at The Chocolate Factory Theater, 38-33 24th Street, Long Island City.

Work in progress showing, free and open to the public. RSVP to

Huevos a la Mexcla digs at the raw feelings and distortions generated by the arbitrary and intersecting physical and conceptual boundaries of race, culture, and laws – and attempts to conjure an objective sense of community and togetherness within those divisions.

Esta Kermesse is brought to you by collaborations with: Set Design Dylan Ellis, Creative Producer jess pretty, Video Jean Carla Rodea featuring performances en el accordion by Martha Elena Quinones Saucedo (madre), Yvonne Quiñones (prima), y jc. Dramaturge Josh Ray. Created and Performed by Martita Abril.