Marion Spencer
to love the rise


December 9-14, 2019


Creative Residency Curated by Blaze Ferrer.

Public showing: Saturday December 14 at 6pm. RSVP to

A dance exploring conscious femininity, ambition, growth mania, liminal space and transformation. Through movement practices and embodied sonic scapes, I investigate the body as human, animal, machine, energy and vessel for transformation as it traverses and descends deep into environments and states of liminality. It is a collage. There are lessons from Marion Woodman, Yrsa Daley-Ward and Prince. There is physical rigor and tenderness. There is glow and soft neutrals. There is sonic saturation and a symphony of silence. There is breaking, mending and listening.

Residency will take place at The Chocolate Factory Theater.

Photo by Kirsten Schnittker

Public showing will include sharings of developing solo research and new group process with collaborating performers Malcolm X Betts, Symara Johnson, s. lumbert, Tara Sheena, Kimiko Tanabe and Ogemdi Ude, with live sound collaboration and performance by Slowdanger.