Mariana Valencia


April 18-27, 2019
Thursdays – Saturdays at 8pm

Created and performed by Mariana Valencia, Bouquet examines authorship within the premise of transmission, relation, alliance and ensemble. Her body is the main archive as she quotes dances by Alvin Ailey, Trisha Brown, Frank Conversano and nia love, as well as Eurhythmics and Garifuna dance forms. Valencia also quotes sections of her old dances that were made with her longtime collaborator Lydia Okrent, who has also artistically directed Bouquet with an attunement to ensemble and reference. Valencia’s choreographic retrospective is partnered with her own body as she moves various objects about the space. A smattering of fake fruits, a net, a large piece of glass and a plinth -to name a few- accompany Valencia as she moves her way through a sound score of origin stories. The sound score is a series of letters that circumnavigate her creative path in New York, weaving also through her adolescence and stories from her early 20s. These reveal a vast range of serious, tender and humorous growing pains that lend her abstract movements a foundation that anchors them to the plurality of creation. Valencia fleshes out these movements, histories and influences, as if this timeline of encounters were the sole reasons for producing any work of art. In Bouquet, Valencia invites the audience to traverse a dense field of collective reference.

Created and performed by Mariana Valencia in collaboration with Lydia Okrent. Sound Design: Jules Gimbrone. Lighting Design: Kathy Kaufmann.

“Review: You’ll Never Dance Alone (a Solo)” – Siobhan Burke, New York Times

“Mariana Valencia offers “Bouquet” at The Chocolate Factory” – Eva Yaa Asantewaa, Infinite Body