An Afternoon With
luciana achugar and Jennifer Monson


January 13, 2018
Saturday at 4pm


Join us for an informal encounter with new works by luciana achugar and Jennifer Monson. Refreshments will be served. This event is currently sold out: please email to join the wait list.

luciana achugar‘s Bendita Tú Eres (BLESSED ART thou) is a self-healing ritual of becoming decolonized and therefore uncivilized, and an Incantation for the possible healing of the audience. It reclaims the inherently mystical and spiritual nature of dance that necessarily connects us to our ancestors and our history. It explores the possibility of performing as an act of becoming rather than as an expression of the Self; a performance as an undoing, a liberation from western assumptions of beauty, femininity and order; a transformation into a mythical Witch-whore-Virgin Mary-cyborg-womb-cunt-flower-saint-earth-venus-mother-sister-brother-anarchic-utopian future female self.

bend the even revisits Jennifer Monson’s research into phenomena that exist at the edges of human perception. Accessing new frameworks for emanating presence and animacy through the three mediums of sound, light and movement, the work leaves the audience at  the edge of perceptual comprehension. Undoing hierarchies of value between viewer and performer, bend the even explores containment and relinquishing through ever-narrowing parameters. This work allows for the possibility that movement disappears and leaves only sensation, an emanation that is experienced through the skin and ears, not so much through the eyes. In bend the even this asks the viewer to release what might be tangible about the experience in preparation for what is newly emerging.