Laurie Berg

May 19-21, 2022
Thursday through Saturday at 8pm

Performances will take place at The Chocolate Factory Theater, 38-33 24th Street, Long Island City.

View the show program.

The chameleon’s eyes move independently of one another, offering an almost 360 view of its surroundings. Even when both eyes focus on the same object, they do so independently, making the chameleon’s vision a naturally occurring diptych. This remarkable ocular duet is the basis for Berg’s new work FOMO:DIPTYCH. A densely layered performance installation to study the diptych: as a form, a way of viewing, listening, feeling, and consuming. A place where missing something is guaranteed (and ok).

FOMO:DIPTYCH asks if performance – as an inherently ephemeral experience – can help us recognize our capacity to hold multiple perspectives at once, and when considered collectively, reveals the cacophonous jumble of inputs we piece together to make meaning. Our eyes move independently of the eyes of our neighbor, each of our brains collecting only the objects we choose to let in. And where we sit affects what we encounter.

FOMO:DIPTYCH invites the audience to observe the performance from two distinct vantage points: a white box art gallery (with bubbles and conceptual canapes) or a seat at the sports bar (with cheap beer and celebrity bartenders) both within the Chocolate Factory Theater’s new raw space.

created by Laurie Berg in collaboration with Matt Romein (technical design); Madison Krekel and Omar Zubair (sound); Jodi Bender, Ayano Elson, Marion Spencer, Laurie Berg and more (performance); Charlie Welch (sports bar); jess pretty (creative consultant); Shana Crawford (lighting); Shomit Barua (technical associate); and Myssi Robinson (trainview designer).

Photos by Ian Douglas.