Kathy Westwater
Revolver + Choreomaniacs

April 20-29, 2023
Thursdays – Saturdays at 7pm

Performances will take place at The Chocolate Factory Theater, 38-33 24th Street, Long Island City.

View the show program.

Choreomaniacs, for five dancers, explores the phenomena of choreomania or “dancing plague” in which people danced themselves to death during the Middle Ages. An accompanying duet, Revolver, speaks to existential threat from super-catastrophes. Both deploy Westwater’s choreographic approach – the disorganized body – in which postmodern dance forms are destabilized. A subtext that dance itself causes pain binds these two works together.

Revolver + Choreomaniacs are choreographed by Kathy Westwater in collaboration with the performers. Revolver is danced by Lance Gries and Westwater, and Choreomaniacs features Alex Romania, Rakia Seaborn, Stacy Lynn Smith, Nattie Trogdon, and Westwater. Revolver is accompanied by music by Ava Mendoza, Choreomaniacs by music by Ava Mendoza and Mike Baggetta. Both works feature set design by Seung Jae Lee, costume design by Claire Fleury, and lighting design by Madeline Best.

“Review: A Choreographer Who Excavates Misalignment” – Siobhan Burke, New York Times