Julie Mayo
Terrific Freight


October 24 – 27, 2018
Wednesday through Saturday at 8pm

Terrific Freight is a dance of shifting occasions. It is a performance of countless impressions constructed from a cloudburst of moments. Purposing itself in a realm of personal poetics, Terrific Freight creates an ongoing, fractal worlding that etches itself through what is here/there, what is now/then and all of the threads that go with this place, this time, and these people who suck stones, light fires, and notice that the ice is melting.

Conceived and directed by Julie Mayo. Created in collaboration with and performed by Doug LeCours, Mayo, Mark McCloughan, and Jessie Young. Sound design by Philip White. Lighting by Lillie De. Photo credit: Scott Shaw.

“Julie Mayo in Conversation with Ursula Eagly, Tere O’Connor, Christy Funsch, J. Dellecave, and Jeanine Durning” – Movement Research, Critical Correspondence