John Jesurun
Liz One


October 14-31, 2009


Black-Eyed Susan plays Elizabeth I of England as revealed through her private diaries. She struggles with a revolving set of presences to disentangle, un-write and finally rewrite her own biography. These intensely reflected histories include her perceptions regarding her five estranged children, their fathers, her own father, her hidden relationship with Buddhism and finally her disastrous attempt to invade North Africa. She inter-reacts with the kaleidoscopic array of ideas and characters through Jesurun’s multi-dimensional use of language and technology. Jesurun and Black-Eyed Susan are long time collaborators having first worked together in Jesurun’s 1984 production of Red House.

Written, Directed and Designed by John Jesurun. Performed by Black Eyed Susan and Ben Forster. Lighting Design by Jeff Nash. Production Manager: Jennifer Ortega. Assistant Director: Kevin Hourigan. Technical Director: Logan George.

“A Tudor Who Seems a Touch Mad” – Claudia La Rocco, New York Times