Jillian Peña
The Guiding Light


December 5-8, 2012


The Guiding Light is a sci-fi religious ballet. It explores religiosity in the balletic body, the desire to believe in something, and the complex relationship of the individual within the group. Composed of a trio, The Guiding Lightexplores the uncanny through the multiplication and duplication of the dancers both metaphorically and actually.  A hypnotic structure of counter-clockwise circles, the repetition of the bodies is familiar yet foreign.

The dance plays out a haunting in the ways personal experience and history are replayed through the language of dance. With their gaze shifting gradually upwards through the piece, the girls exercise the physically daunting, somewhat cultish, relentless ritual practice of ballet.

The Guiding Light is created by Jillian Peña; features performances by Cassie MeyLea FultonAlexandra Albrecht; with Erika HandRebecca WarnerStacy Grossfield; and Lauren BakstMeredith Bove. Costumes by Reid Bartelme. Music by Jillian Peña and Michael Wall. Lighting by Madeline Best.

“Complex Geometry and Sinuous Moves” – Brian Seibert, New York Times

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