Jen Rosenblit
Im gonna need another one


January 23 – 27, 2019
Wednesday through Saturday at 8pm
Sunday at 3pm

Co-Production with Sophiensaele (Berlin).

Parts of things are in the painful process of becoming whole things themselves. I’m Gonna Need Another One troubles the authentic or singular self by elevating the inevitability of things falling apart. The work situates itself within the proximity of twelve green foam blocks as they leave dusty traces, eventually crumble and disappear in form. Rosenblit stands in as Performer, Herself, as well as multiple figures which speak to problems for the preparation for future strategies and ways of organizing how we come to know where and who we are. From a Sous Chef, to Chiron: the Greek God of pain known for the acknowledgment of the wound on his animal leg, a Wheat Farmer, a Soldier, Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, and a Compulsive Re-arranger of Furniture, the figures orient and reorient the work as we get lost in the multiplicity of this solo body, performing a strategy of endurance based on distraction. A picnic occurs, a small wheat field gets cultivated and for one moment, this imitation land obscures the figure of the body. A monologue takes us through profiles of the figures and finally opens up to include a short pause to speak about things that we like. We are left with a floating map without landmarks, an illegible city plan, suggesting that being lost is a valid location.

Im gonna need another one is a co production of Sophiensaele (DE) and The Chocolate Factory and is supported by Hauptstadtkulturfonds in Berlin.

Concept, Text and Performance: Jen Rosenblit. Sound: Gerald Kurdian. Performance research and Photography: Simon Courchel. Production Management: M.I.C.A/Raisa Kröger. Dramaturgy and Guest Directors: Adham Hafez, Adam Kucharski, Becca Blackwell, Jay Scheib. Lighting Design: Anna Lienert. Costume Design: Quinn Czejkowski. Checkered Floor: Christopher Füllemann. Metal Rake: Abigail Lloyd/PinePine Studio. Assistant: Kristopher Pourzal. Technician: Sarazina Stein. Monologue Translation: Julia Schell. Monologue Binding: Megan O’Connell/Salt and Cedar Press.

“Review: A Choreographer Makes a Holistic Mess” – Siobhan Burke, New York Times