Propositions from the DeadWIP:
tizita, from the feet up / aden

December 8, 2021

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Co-Presented with ISSUE Project Room.

ISSUE Project Room 2021 Suzanne Fiol Curatorial Fellow Sami Hopkins presents her third program in Propositions from the deadWIP, featuring multi-instrumental musician, singer, and composer aden. This performance is co-presented with Issue Project Room, and will be recorded at The Chocolate Factory Theater.

Propositions from the deadWIP is a multidisciplinary performance series that balances considerations of knowledge and fallibility launching from the premise that creative knowing imbues the process of making as much as a work’s eventual presentation or future iterations. By never claiming to reach finality, the works in this series accept the condition of being always “in progress,” with the potential to reimagine the status of a work-in-progress (WIP) altogether.

Notes from aden:

If we think of our bodies and selves as an ultimate creative project, always in progress,
— of memory, as what can never be fully formed of this project’s residues,
— of music, as a unique vessel by which bodily knowledge and experience is translated,
…in songwriting is a brief tapping into that circular, endlessly remade dimension, of what it means to be — we take moments that come to us as triggers and ghosts; we play with them & dress them in different clothing. And in this process is both clarity and continued confusion, of not just sound but of self — both definition and diffraction of life experience into the many possible directions.
Using the folk traditions and practices of song which inhabit my own body, I seek to explore the open space of eternal semi-finality that that songwriting — and the relics left in its wake — carves out of the psyche. I will reconsider and reimagine various sonic memories, environmental and creative recordings accumulated through my past, wielding voice, piano, and electronics as technologies with which to unravel and be unraveled by this autoarchive.