Heather Olson
Shy Showoff


September 21-24, 2011


In her newest work, Bessie Award-winner Heather Olson explores the relationship between internal emotional landscapes and external presentation, and the ability of abstract movement and structure to reveal and cloak meaning at the same time.

Who is the shy show off? She looks a little bit like an Egyptian painting – the sculpture moves – maybe that’s her tail that sends sharp impulse – but the change is not a release at all, there is something we don’t see – I see her from the back standing in the second position and moving hips from side to side – she lifts her heels to make the movement sexier – she does it for a while, and gives me chance to observe abruptness in the movement, which doesn’t fit well with the initial idea of sexy movement – big step to the right – we see her right side – when her head and shoulders return to the front it looks like somebody grabs her at the collar – she without harming herself falls down, stretches out and rolls on the floor.

Choreographed by Heather Olson. Performed by Erin GerkenLevi Gonzalez, and Heather Olson. Lighting by Chloe Z. Brown. Sound design and projections by James Lo.

“Staring the Audience Down to Send a Message” – Brian Seibert, New York Times.