Stephanie Acosta
Good Day God Damn (an Exhibition)

May 15 – June 6, 2021
Fridays 4pm – 7pm
Saturdays & Sundays 2pm – 7pm

image credit: Stephanie Acosta

FREE with RSVP (required).

Originally scheduled to premiere as an ensemble performance at The Chocolate Factory in March 2020, Good Day God Damn returns as a durational installation which considers multi-crisis chaos, the mundane nature of the apocalypse, and the simultaneous impossibility, myth, and violence of the American landscape – transmuting an unseen performance through the emotional landscape of 2020 in order to create a new work infused with the archive of its past experiments.

For the installation Good Day God Damn, Acosta draws from a range of aesthetic and tonal references such as theater backdrops, municipal buildings, american cinematic thrillers, cosmic near-futurism, and slow disaster. In the Chocolate Factory Theater’s new unrenovated industrial space, Acosta builds a site-specific landscape comprised of paintings that hold spatial and written echoes of performance scores and absurdist micro-plays, a sound world of cosmic opera tones, and moving-image elements that warp scale and our place within it. This environment places a viewer within Acosta’s performance-world, allowing one to receive direct transmission of sensorial elements and access a movement-driven encounter. By collapsing the temporal conventions of moving through an installation, attending an evening-length performance, and the durational nature of witnessing a landscape, Acosta attends to larger questions about the impossibility of comprehending the scale and scope of the apocalypse in all its permutations.

Alexis Wilkinson: Exhibition Curator. Rory Murphy: Sound Engineer and Design. Matt Shalzi: Exhibition Structure Design and Construction. Shana Crawford: Lighting Designer. ALEXA GRÆ: Select Musical Score Composition. Ryan Holsopple: Projection Design.