The Vintage DJ
Ferocious Spectacular, Episode 1: The Black Death Featuring M. Lamar


July 16-18, 2009


If Ed Sullivan and David Lynch produced a lovechild, this show would be it! Jonathan Jacobs AKA The Vintage DJ directs and hosts the first of his series of spectacle-based concert events. Episode One: The Black Death features the haunting music of countertenor singer, songwriter and pianist, M. Lamar. With hypnotic dancing by the Ferocious Spectacular dancers: ‘The Species’ and the grotesque comic stylings of ‘Crabcake.’

Creator and Director: Jonathan Jacobs. Vocals and Piano: M. Lamar. Ferocious Spectacular Dancers (The ‘Species’): Jessica Jelliffe, Sara Pauley, Saori Tsukada. Special Guest ‘Crabcake’: Ilan Bachrach. Lighting Design: Ben Kato. Sound Design: Tim Fodness. Sound Engineer: Duncan Cutler. Costume Design: Alysia Raycraft. Masks: Magin Schantz. Costume Construction: Kirstin Tobiasson. Producer: Maedhbh McCullagh.