Aki Sasamoto and Arturo Vidich
Domestic Partner


April 8-11, 2009


Domestic Partner is an evening of installations and performances. Each work will have its own internal logic, coexisting within the confines of the shared space. Concerned with introverted psyches of secretive or mechanized minds, each artist will create and perform inside her/his domestic environment. Independent works will crystallize in relation to each other, and will cooperate in sustaining the flow of the evening. Based on interactions with her own mother, Sasamoto plays a detective sniffing out the secrets in her adventurous, sculptural home. Vidich uses live video and computer software to fragment his frame of mind, inviting a different sense of normalcy in communication. Special guests (Alsarah, Matt Bauder and Howard Huang) performed live music following each show.

Created and performed by Aki Sasamoto and Arturo Vidich.

“When Everyday Things Become Something Strange” – Roslyn Sulcas, New York Times