devynn emory


March 2019

Creative residency curated by Blaze Ferrer.

My performance practice commits to formalism as a tool for structural reclamation utilized as an organizing system and ideology to observe and hold space for wild and other’d bodies. Pattern making becomes a survival skill to locate self, others and situation within chaotic systems. Mathematical and mapped scores support bodies bleeding human truths, opening peep holes and revelations for collective performers and audiences. I source from the in-between spaces of my mixed-race body, my slippery transgender body, the in-between planes of ritual spiritual practice, and the in-between transitions of death and dying, witnessed in my practice as a new nurse. While in training, I learned on medical robots who not only birthed crying mechanical baby robots, but contained removable genitals, had emergencies where they lost heart beats, and passed away. Our project together started with some photos, writing and videos, and I fell in love with #mymannykinfriends as a medium and teacher. We will perform together for the first time on stage in 2020, navigating our collective liminal spaces and approaching death rituals within my indigenous bloodline in conversation with contemporary practices in end-of-life care in the American hospital setting.

Created by devynn emory.