Catch 50


May 5, 2012


Catch presents a stunning array of emerging artists, giving them an opportunity to share the stage with an expanding galaxy of downtown luminaries. This makes everyone’s work more exciting, raising the stakes for young creators and encouraging experimental freedom in our more accomplished artists. Not only does Catch have “the best short-form programming going,” it also has the liveliest and best-looking audience – beautiful, young ladies and gentlemen (and lowlifes) who come to drink, see great work and mingle with the artists after the show. Catch is a social event and a serious show, where loyal fans of the individual artists mingle with Catch allegiates to view work they know will be rough…and ready.

Organized by Andrew DinwiddieCaleb Hammons and Jeff Larson.

6pm – 600 Highwaymen ! Karinne Keithley ! Maggie McBrien ! Matt Citron ! NTUSA ! 7pm – Rebecca Serrell Cyr ! Donna Uchizono ! Brian Rogers ! Aretha Aoki ! Anna Sperber ! Hijack ! 8pm – Katy Pyle ! Joseph Keckler ! Hedia Maron & Jibz Cameron ! Regina Rocke ! Yackez ! 9pm – Big Dance Theater ! Bobby McElver ! Eliza Bent ! Andrew Schneider ! Paul Lazar by Kate Valk ! 10pm – Dr. Schuler ! Myles Kane ! Chris Schlichting ! Sean Donovan ! Fantasy Grandma ! Neal Medlyn !

“Catch as Catch Can”– Claudia La Rocco, Artforum