Since its first season in 2005, The Chocolate Factory Theater has supported the development and presentation of new work by a community of local, national and international artists working in dance, theater, and interdisciplinary performance. The Chocolate Factory’s programs have drawn many thousands of new visitors to its 5,000 square foot industrial facility in Long Island City, Queens. The organization recently purchased a permanent facility in the neighborhood.

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This work lives in the space between us, Iris and me and inevitably ours. A thread, a tissue - word to movement to after image. What are we seeing when we see each other? And how does that seeing become a choreography? For now, a lighthouse as a guiding abstraction to clarity.
The Chocolate Factory Theater is thrilled to partner with The Bushwick Starr to present The Institute of Useless Activity’s THIS AND THAT, co-created by international theater director Phil Soltanoff (2020 Herb Alpert Award recipient) and performer/puppeteer Steven Wendt (Blue Man Group). What is THIS? What is THAT? — THAT imagines the creation of the universe, THIS is about the people in it – their romantic sense of longing, loss, alienation and near miss… a cowboy sleeps under the stars, a family puts their child to sleep for the night, a crooner serenades his lover, a jazz pianist fantasizes while he plays. The vignettes morph from one scene to another— hand shadows inspired by the sculptures of Henry Moore dissolve into each scene.
An Ocean of Forgiveness is a new composition for live solo percussion composed and performed by Efraín Rozas (who most recently appeared at The Chocolate Factory with luciana achugar), which slowly conjures an intense polyrhythmic trance, using complex percussive patterns and the resonance of the architecture. Rozas will be joined by light artist Kazue Taguchi (Japan/NY) who will manipulate a light sculpture in real time during the show.

March 25-26, 2022

Justin Allen

Frequency, an improvisational performance by Justin Allen and collaborators, intersects percussive and rhythmic instruments and dance styles to produce, respond to, and interact with vibration. Using base shakers, the cast will build on the pulsation of techno music.