Since its first season in 2005, The Chocolate Factory Theater has supported the development and presentation of new work by a community of local, national and international artists working in dance, theater, and interdisciplinary performance. The Chocolate Factory’s programs have drawn many thousands of new visitors to its 5,000 square foot industrial facility in Long Island City, Queens. The organization recently purchased a permanent facility in the neighborhood.

Archived Events

March 25-26, 2022

Justin Allen

Frequency, an improvisational performance by Justin Allen and collaborators, intersects percussive and rhythmic instruments and dance styles to produce, respond to, and interact with vibration. Using base shakers, the cast will build on the pulsation of techno music.

April 21-23, 2022

Justin Cabrillos

as of it takes place across and between a disassembled dance club. Transforming The Chocolate Factory’s large industrial space into a delirious meditation room and spiritual mosh pit, as of it offers a hallucinatory glimpse of the dancer, the wallflower, the meditator, and the concertgoer all in the same room. In tandem with James Lo’s propulsive sound design, the dancers follow their fantasies to find ways to arrive and arrive again.