Apocalypse Talks
A Dumpster-fireside Chat Series

Wednesdays @ 7pm
March 31 – June 2, 2021

Introducing Apocalypse Talks: a Dumpster-fireside Chat Series. Join us weekly on Wednesdays at 7pm (on zoom) as we get into the textures, sensations, emotions, landscapes, materials, aromas, by-products, aesthetics, and other messiness of living in a multi-crisis reality. With a range of guests we’ll talk about how we are dealing, and how our practices and processes refract life in the end times.

June 2 at 7pm, featuring guest Janani Balasubramanian (register here).

May 26 at 7pm, featuring guest Alison Kuo (register here).

May 19 at 7pm, featuring guests Leslie Cuyjet, Miriam Gabriel, Angie Pittman, and Jessie Young (register here).

May 12 at 7pm, featuring guest Xaviera Simmons (register here).

May 5 at 7pm, featuring guest Miguel Gutierrez (register here).

April 28 at 7pm, featuring guest Vanessa Thill (register here).

April 21 at 7pm, featuring guest ALEXA GRÆ (register here).

April 14 at 7pm, featuring guest ray ferreira (register here).

April 7 at 7pm, featuring guest Azikiwe Mohammed (register here).

March 31 at 7pm, featuring guest imogen xtian smith (register here).

These are the core themes in Stephanie Acosta’s upcoming exhibition Good Day God Damn (opening May 2021 at the new Chocolate Factory space), where we will start our conversation, but where we go only the fire knows.

Sign in and drop questions, join this bit of cosmic chaos while Acosta chats with artists, makers, astronomers, and you!

Organized by Stephanie Acosta and Alexis Wilkinson.