Anneke Hansen
look at them long and long


November 17-20, 2010


look at them long and long uses a detailed movement vocabulary to explore spatial, rhythmic, and textural counterpoint, themes of perseverance and interruption, and the meaningfulness of dancers sharing space and time to create a richly evocative movement world. Making visible some of the processes by which her dance is created, Hansen seeks to celebrate the generosity of dance and dancers and to reveal the moving act of communal labor and intelligence that is at the heart of dancing making. Hansen is interested in the resource of the audience and in the subtle and inescapable ways it is called upon to collaborate in the act of live performance.

Created and performed by Anneke Hansen in collaboration with Laurel Atwell, Jessica Cook, Miranda Jirik, Jeremy Pheiffer, Ariel Pierce, Lynne Schlesinger and Lori Yuill. Music by Nathan Koci with Josh Phillips and Ken Thompson. Lighting design by Holly Ko. Costumes by Lara de Bruijn

“Stripes of Intimacy Several Layers Over” – Gia Kourlas, New York Times