Anna Sperber
The Superseded Third


April 24 – May 4, 2013


In The Superseded Third, Sperber continues to deepen her exploration of rigorous, intricate, gradually shifting patterns to get at a deeper energetic layer of expression. The dancers traverse the length with direct speed and momentum rushing closely by the audience lining the space tightly on either side – as though in a train with the landscape rushing past out the window.

Sperber’s work utilizes the power of the collective force and momentum of groups of bodies moving in space, illuminating the experience of the singular and collective body. Interested in what we project – what we glean from how we see ourselves in each other, and each other in ourselves. A dynamic which is laid bare between the two performers in this new work, as well as between the performers and the audience. Illuminating the the synthesis of what is between two people, as it becomes a potent third thing.

Choreography by Anna Sperber. Performed by Anna Sperberand Molly Lieber. Music by Nate Wooley, performed with Chris DiMeglio and Megan Schubert. Costumes by Parker Lutz. Stage and Lighting Design by Thomas Dunn. Assistant Designer: Alexander Freer. Master Carpenter: Stephan Fowlkes / Fowlkes Art. Stage Manager: Ben Demarest.

“As the dance develops, the walls never move, but they feel as if they’re closing in”  – Gia Kourlas, New York Times