Andrew Schneider
Wow + Flutter


February 25-27, 2010


Andrew Schneider uses the body as a physical playback device of recorded media. Using custom-built wearable electronics, subsonic sound scores, interactive projections, and some heavy-duty mountaineering equipment, Wow + Flutter literalizes the mashup. In Schneider’s surreal world, time loses linearity. Using a mix of live and prerecorded media, the past and the future poke holes in the present. Schneider draws on the works of author David Foster Wallace, legendary physicist Richard Feynman, and the millions of would-be film-makers of YouTube to collage together the story of our collective cultural memory. Dance, song, and spoken word are fractured and filtered through the use of Schneider’s custom built wearable electronic devices. Schneider’s body literally controls the media, and the media, in turn controls Schneider. Live sound by Omar Zubair.

“Lights, Gadgets and Video Create a Technological Id” – Claudia La Rocco, New York Times