Andrea Kleine
The End Is Not What I Thought It Would Be

Quarantine Residency – November/December 2020
Official Release – 2021

November/December, 2020

Forced to jettison her original project due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Andrea Kleine moves into The Chocolate Factory Theater and lives in the performance space for two weeks, kicking out the staff and creating a performance that no live audience will ever see. Insulated in the theater, Kleine searches for the piece in the real-time performance of her newly relocated everyday life. Her daily rehearsals and routines become a staged documentary film, revealing the quiet anxiety of living in quarantine and the dormant violence of isolation.

Featuring an original score by Bobby Previte and lighting design by Madeline Best, The End Is Not What I Thought It Would Be will be officially released as a film in 2021 (specific dates TBD) following a two week quarantine residency in November/December 2020.