Juliana F. May
Adult Documentary


March 1-12, 2016


In Adult Documentary, five performers share their real and imagined histories. The distortion of text and body is about looking at the form of trauma or conversely the trauma of form. How does the so-called “aboutness” and shape of a word or gesture disrupt meaning and how does the form i.e., repetition, space and time rupture or repair these seemingly hermetic relationships?

Choreography and Direction: Juliana F. May. Performers: Lindsay ClarkTalya EpsteinRennie McDougallKayvon Pourazar and Connor Voss. Music: Chris Seeds. Set Design: Sara C. Walsh. Lighting: Chloe Z. Brown. Costumes: Mariana Valencia.

“Review: ‘Adult Documentary’ Is Dense and Difficult, Including the Carpet”  – Gia Kourlas, New York Times