Milka Djordjevich


May 16-26, 2018
Wednesdays thru Saturdays at 8pm


Co-commissioned with Los Angeles Performance Practice.

“Form generates power: power to rise above, power to hold ground. ANTHEM, a dance for four women by Milka Djordjevich, builds upon units of social and folk dance moves via a rubix cube-like spatial logic. Layers of repeated forms shift the bodies up gear. There is a new groove made here—a groove made by commitment and giving no-fucks, a groove for women to ride rough, to represent, to feel themselves.”  –

Questioning contemporary dance’s predisposition towards neutrality, authenticity and the de-sexualization of the female body, ANTHEM embraces theatricality, virtuosity and sass. The work weaves together existing and imagined vernacular dance styles to explore labor, play, and feminine-posturing. Four women execute a repetitive yet complex movement vocabulary that evolves as they rotate hypnotically within the confines of a square. Over time, the meditative rigor of their steps dissolves into a tangle of commotion, blurring the distinction between the mundane and the glamorous.

Choreographer: Milka Djordjevich. Composer: Chris Peck. Lighting Designer: Madeline Best. Costume Designer: Naomi Luppescu. Performers: Laurel Atwell, Jessica Cook, Dorothy Dubrule, Devika Wickremesinghe.