Melanie Maar
Line Death Dance


Ongoing Residency Through 2019

Line Death Dance is an ongoing performance residency project celebrating, self-reminding and sharing the nonlinearity and ambiguity of being in the creative process.The Chocolate Factory Theater’s transition into a new performance space provides the grounds for the developing time/space structure of the engagement.

During four performance residency phases throughout 2018/2019 Line Death Dance serves as a transition project enveloping their current space into their new space, coalescing the past and the future into the present process.

Instead of an accumulative process towards a ‘show’, all four phases generate complete performance events and are shared with a more intimate or a larger audience group. Each phase is of equal value to the project and affects and relates to one another.

Line Death Dance frames performance as a relational reality and offers it as an experience and a tool for reflection to the collaborating artists and to all others engaged. It’s about involving a diversity of mutual voices into a material and immaterial dialogue throughout the project in creating, in writing, in socializing, in being, in sensing, in witnessing, in coalescing, in visioning…in wondering about how specifically performance making facilitates a voice and a revealing of what holds meaning for each of us in relation to a larger reality.