Melanie Maar
First Residency Phase of Line Death Dance:
being in concrete light


May 10th, 12th and 14th at 7.30pm

Performances of being in concrete light are free. Capacity is limited. Please RSVP to

Performances will take place at our new facility located at 38-29 24th Street, on the corner of 24th Street and 39th Avenue. Take the 7/N to Queensborough Plaza or F to 21st Queensbridge.

being in concrete light gives this trio of women a frame for their individual art practices to relate and to generate a performance work together. This process is initiating the yet un-renovated new home of The Chocolate Factory Theater by communing with the space and its presence in performative attention and action.

The events we host for audience offer a performative and a communally reflective space. Rather than a glimpse into our process for a final event, this is the final event. With all knowns and un-knowns becoming ‘the show’.

Artists: Melanie Maar, Anaïs Maviel, Lindsay Packer.

Line Death Dance is an ongoing performance residency project celebrating, self-reminding and sharing the nonlinearity and ambiguity of being in the creative process.The Chocolate Factory Theater’s transition into a new performance space provides the grounds for the developing time/space structure of the engagement.

During four performance residency phases throughout 2018/2019 Line Death Dance serves as a transition project enveloping their current space into their new space, coalescing the past and the future into the present process.

Instead of an accumulative process towards a ‘show’, all four phases generate complete performance events and are shared with a more intimate or a larger audience group. Each phase is of equal value to the project and affects and relates to one another.

Line Death Dance frames performance as a relational reality and offers it as an experience and a tool for reflection to the collaborating artists and to all others engaged. It’s about involving a diversity of mutual voices into a material and immaterial dialogue throughout the project in creating, in writing, in socializing, in being, in sensing, in witnessing, in coalescing, in visioning…in wondering about how specifically performance making facilitates a voice and a revealing of what holds meaning for each of us in relation to a larger reality.