Kohji Setoh
Piece with gaps for each other

Limited edition vinyl LP


$25 including free domestic shipping. Presales available here.

A transparent blue LP featuring Kohji Setoh‘s sound composition for Piece with gaps for each other, commissioned from Ursula Eagly as a part of The Chocolate Factory’s 2016-2017 season. The record is released by the Japanese label ROOT CULTURE in an individually numbered, limited edition of 250, gorgeously packaged with a graphic performance score on the inner sleeve and an insert with texts by artists Ursula Eagly, Martin Lanz Landazuri, and Kohji Setoh.

Setoh’s music traces the work’s course from phenomenological to fantastical, material to theatrical, and back. Side A plays The Chocolate Factory’s architecture for complex polyrhythm. Side B fishes the depths for bass, then lifts off and disintigrates somewhere in the Milky Way.

All orders will receive a postcard reservation confirmation with the reserved edition number, suitable for gift giving.

Mark your calendars for the Release Party on March 26, 2018!