Jennifer Monson
bend the even


February 21-24, 2018
Wednesday thru Saturday at 8pm


bend the even revisits Jennifer Monson’s research into the indeterminate phenomena that exist at the edges of human perception. The project focuses on the relationship between optics, reception and the shifting continuity between sound, light, and movement. The piece creates a system of relationships that weave the mediums of movement, sound, light and structure (both architectural and costume) together into a field of perceptual phenomena that leave the audience at the edge of comprehension. bend the even explores containment and relinquishing through ever-narrowing parameters.

Choreographer: Jennifer Monson. Composers: Zeena Parkins, Jeff Kolar. Lighting designer: Elliott Cennetoglu. Scenic designer: Regina Garcia. Costume designer: Susan Becker. Performers: Mauriah Kraker, Jennifer Monson.