Raymond Pinto and Angie Pittman
With a Little Warmth to Light the Way

June 2023


Pictured: Angie Pittman and Raymond Pinto. Photo credit: Malcolm-X Betts

Performances will take place at The Chocolate Factory Theater, 38-33 24th Street, Long Island. City.

The centralization of collaboration between Raymond Pinto and Angie Pittman will beckon the destabilizing of hierarchies in their individual creative practices. With this intention in place, they call upon a collective imagination that will augment the aesthetic frames of blackness and queerness.

With a Little Warmth to Light the Way recalls movements like the Civil Rights Movement or Black Arts Movement; asking: what if the Black Arts Movement was infused into a physical movement? If the Black Arts Movement were a body, what parts of the body aren’t being listened to in this movement? What was the underneath like? By researching and listening to musical compositions of black artists who were active between the years of 1960-1975, they propose a corporealization of the Black Arts Movement as a collective moving imagination; bringing it to the body, through the body.