This year, we are thrilled to offer 9 Commissioned Premieres and 6 supported Creative Residencies including partnerships with Abrons Arts Center, Live Art Development Agency (London, UK), Fusebox Festival (Austin, TX), Portland Institute of Contemporary Art, Contemporary Arts Center of Cincinnati, Sophiensaele (Berlin, Germany), Temperance Hall (Melbourne, Australia), Kaufman Astoria Studios and American Realness.

Current Season

Screamers is a 75-minute feature film created and performed by members of the experimental dance, theater and performance communities – including dancers, choreographers, directors and performing arts curators. A kind of conceptual ghost story, Screamers was conceived during a year-long residency at a former Catholic Church owned by the artist Dan Hurlin in Stuyvesant, NY – and was subsequently filmed over the course of two weeks in September 2015, with additional filming in the Playhouse at Abrons Arts Center.

August 27 – September 3, 2018

Jess Pretty

“I was in a conversation earlier this year that ended in me spitting out the question what would it look like if we lived in a world that was made for us?...said to another black woman about the daily anxieties that come attached with moving through this white man-made world as a body that is not. after I asked this question the walls I had around this physical realm, my dream realm and my desire realm began to melt and discover new possibilities around each other."
Traveling through the fractured American landscape, looming vibrations push the ground up and the cosmos down as our community-turned-cabal explores terror, tectonic shifts, psychedelic self-harm, and toxic monuments. Through the lens of a thriller our cell flows through domestic borders, mingles with the extraterrestrial and unpacks landlocked limitations through discursive research and rigorous ensemble development.
Collection of Artists is the third movement of the Collection of People. Is it possible to access an artist through learning a moment of his/her creation? Can one access their story? Raquel uses her own body as an archive, learning and keeping the arts of others so she can tell their stories. She creates a collection that cares about each artist, their different practices, disciplines, conceptual perspectives and work tools. We also find personal desires and thoughts about the ways of being and their relationship with their artistic practice and biography. By collecting artists, Raquel navigates over frontiers of reality and fiction, fantasy and possibility, daily life and artistic life, seeking to collect the ephemeral, and transform it into something concrete and palpable, through an artistic and poetic medium. In 2018 and 2019 , Raquel André collects artists in partnership with various institutions in various cities around the world: Bergen, Salzburg, Faro, Warsaw, Cincinnati, New York, Loulé, Berlin, Orléans, Porto and Lisbon.