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This year, we are thrilled to offer 8 commissioned premieres by early and mid-career artists including partnerships with Abrons Arts Center, The Invisible Dog, and Los Angeles Performance Practice.

Current Season

On July 20, 2017 we bought a building after being in contract for over two years after more than 10 years of studies, drawings, failed ‘real estate marriages’ with potential partners. We, at The Chocolate Factory Theater, hear that you want to know how we did it.
bend the even revisits Jennifer Monson’s research into the indeterminate phenomena that exist at the edges of human perception. The project focuses on the relationship between optics, reception and the shifting continuity between sound, light, and movement. The piece creates a system of relationships that weave the mediums of movement, sound, light and structure (both architectural and costume) together into a field of perceptual phenomena that leave the audience at the edge of comprehension. bend the even explores containment and relinquishing through ever-narrowing parameters.
Wealth From the Salt Seas is a new solo work created and performed by Anna Sperber. Governed by the body’s subjectivity and phenomenological nuance, privileging somatic experience as a way of knowing, it strives to push abstraction toward a place of raw, vulnerable action and spontaneous decision making. In an episodic structure, a primary singular female figure has the will and autonomy to alter her surroundings.
Meant for an intimate audience, this evening-length dance takes place in an imagined room — which is continually expanding, contracting, shifting directions, refracted within the actual room, a painterly installation. Morphing like clouds, performers and space share a swirling energy. Sometimes the dancers mirror each other; sometimes they are “ordinary people” (under a dark cloud) whose frustration, anger, and sadness propel them toward destructive behavior. Delicate structures often slip out of sync into unruliness, reconfigured through the nudge of a current. These unseen forces extend to the viewers, guiding their physical proximity in relationship to this de-centered work as it progresses…with a heightened sense of sharing the experience.