Since its first season in 2005, The Chocolate Factory Theater has supported the development and presentation of new work by a community of local, national and international artists working in dance, theater, and interdisciplinary performance. The Chocolate Factory’s programs have drawn many thousands of new visitors to its 5,000 square foot industrial facility in Long Island City, Queens. The organization recently purchased a permanent facility in the neighborhood.

Archived Events

June 3, 2019

Portraiture & The Community


In partnership with Bard High School Early College Queens, The Chocolate Factory hosts an exhibition of new work by student artists commissioned to create portraits of local community members.
Photo © Paula Lobo. Suspended in the blur, in the dark, Fantasies in Low Fade situate material and hallucinatory presence in the swaying unreliability of the theater. While looking for the sublime in the dark, fragile matter transitions and minor assemblages shuttle between the seen and unseen. Fantasies in Low Fade approaches site, entanglement, and transition as metonyms for social life and loss. A study in the unsteady and persistent proximities that propose an elsewhere.
(Photo © Ian Douglas) Bouquet examines authorship by questioning what gets carried into Valencia's work through the modes of proximity, relation and alliance. This process seeks to manipulate perceptions of life and its collaborators. Bouquet is sourced from various popular and cultural alliances and this particular ensemble of sources builds a choral surround of references.
My performance practice commits to formalism as a tool for structural reclamation utilized as an organizing system and ideology to observe and hold space for wild and other’d bodies. Pattern making becomes a survival skill to locate self, others and situation within chaotic systems. Mathematical and mapped scores support bodies bleeding human truths, opening peep holes and revelations for collective performers and audiences. I source from the in-between spaces of my mixed-race body, my slippery transgender body, the in-between planes of ritual spiritual practice, and the in-between transitions of death and dying, witnessed in my practice as a new nurse.